Counterweight System Rope Locks


Counterweight System Weight Tables


Counterweight system 


Grid with Counterweight Suspension Lines


Acoustic Curtains


Energy Chain on Flying Truss


Chain Hoists on Runway Beams


Lighting Bridges


Pipe Grid


Pipe Grid

Stage Elevator

Spiralift Transmission System plus energy chain

Stage Elevator

Spiralift  Transmission System

Lighting Bars


Chain Hoist Runway Beam

Chain Hoist Runway Beam for moving chain hoist and trolley position within the grid up,down and across stage. Can be locked off in position with x4-off vice type brakes.

More Lighting Bars


Pile Wind Hoist System


Power Flying System

Helical Groove Drum

Proscenium Arch


Main Auditorium and Stage


Main Auditorium